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ATO Stuffing Up Bank Deposits, Sending Cheques Instead

May 7th, 2009 | Posted in Government Payments

Thousands of direct deposits from the ATO have mistakenly been sent to tax agents on behalf of their clients. This also means that tax agents have had to use additional resources to get the money to their clients and the money spent by agents on additional wages and postage costs is not being reimbursed by the ATO, but passed onto the clients, which means less money from the KEV.

“I was expecting it to be in my bank account Monday morning but no sign of it. Thursday morning it appeared in the mail from my accountant who relayed it on to me.” -  Rhys Evans

Can’t the ATO get anything right?

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Bryan Pape Gunned Down On His Way To Court

April 1st, 2009 | Posted in Government Payments

Sources from various newspapers and media have revealed Bryan Pape has been shot on his way to court this morning. The intellectual scholar who is currently fighting the government in court in regards to Kevin Rudd’s $900 bonus payments was apparently eating a bacon and egg sandwich from McDonalds when he was caught by surprise by some Paper “Haters.”

Haters said, “Pape was a filthy dog, why would any man try and stop us getting money from the government. We want our $900!” The haters were quickly rounded up by police and questioned.

Unfortunately Pape did not show up for day 2 in court, and the judge ordered an end to the case and gave the all clear to start giving out $900 bonus payments again from tomorrow.

Please Note: This is a April Fools joke and did not actually happen. :)

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